Body Spray
& Room Freshener

Your “Special” Smoke Odor Remedy

Skunk Doctor is a refreshing blend of scientifically formulated scent oils that neutralizes those “special” smoke odors on your body, hair, and clothing, as well as in your car or room—or even outside. 

These signature scents are designed by Raymond Matts, who is renowned for such fragrance hits as Clinique Happy, White Diamonds and other major fragrances with millions of bottles sold globally.

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Skunk Doctor is designed and manufactured by Airavida, which is devoted to creating light, unique, and elegant air fresheners for a new generation. We've spent two years developing products that specifically block the nose from detecting the signature skunk odor associated with cannabis. The result is Skunk Doctor, and we're confident that it will become your new best friend!

Meet Our Scent Designer

This interesting four minute interview with Airavida scent designer, Raymond Matts, explains how Skunk Doctor was scientifically and creatively formualted to solve “The Skunk Odor Dilemma.”


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Skunk Doctor is officially launching in December of 2017. Look for our sponsored events all over New York City! In the future, this map will help you locate a store that sells Skunk Doctor products.

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Airavida and Skunk Doctor advocate for the right of every adult to freely, responsibly, and legally enjoy their skunk lifestyle. We write articles that support this ideal. Read our latest below.